Monday, July 25, 2022

Everything, Everywhere

 To my twisted mind, that almost sounds like a covid joke.  Because the virus is everywhere and people are thinking that its over.  Even as a new variant causes the President to become ill, people are going inside places without masks on, knowing that masks can help stop the spread of variants.  Could I say that the American people are a bunch of spoiled children who don't give a crap about others?  Guess I just did. 

But in other news, I'm in this group show at the Harlow Gallery, 100 Water St, in Hallowell on the Kennebec.  A lovely spot you really should go visit to see this salon-hung show which is up until Sept 3rd.

Here's one of the pieces of art that's in the show if you live far away from Maine.

This is 7 Coins to Save the Planet, an oil/mixed media painting from last year.  It's part of my Universe series based loosely on the concept of String Theory in Physics.  This link explains it in depth.

These paintings begin with lines (visual strings) being drawn on the canvas before it's painted upon and other objects added.  I've been in near sleep stages where I think I can feel myself in different universes.  Rather similar to everything, everywhere in a loose sense.

I've also written a piece for my account about my heart attack after having covid.  There's more and more research showing links to heart problems after having covid.  This is just one more reason the hubs and I mask up inside public places.  I don't need another experience like this again.

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