Thursday, June 2, 2022

Surreal is my Middle Name, Apparently...

On the 9th of May, I thought I was suffering from a horrid GERD attack, but several hours and diagnostics later, I find out it was a heart attack and I'm having Mr. Toad's Wild Ride from Rockport to Portland in a ambulance!?!  Once there, I was set up for a cardiac catheter which they used to ream out one of my arteries that was over 80% clogged up !?!  So they had to put a stent in.  24 hours later, I was released and JK brought me back home.  I'm feeling just fine and dandy now and am working on increasing my cardio exercise - along with still rehabing my left arm b/c of that fracture end of January.  O, I forgot to mention that JK & I got Covid the end of April.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Covid could have instigated the heart attack what with all the evidence that's mounting connecting Covid to heart problems.  But if it did, it literally saved my life.  Irony is everything in life.

So ladies, be aware that heart attacks can mimic GERD and other gastro upsets and if you hear that little voice wonder if you should go to the ER... GO TO THE ER - IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE, LIKE IT DID MINE.  OK, stepping away from the soap box now.

This is the new abstract photography that will be at the UMVA Members show at the Gallery located within the Portland Media Center at 516 Congress St in Portland and I will be there on 1st Friday, June 3rd for about an hour beginning at 6 pm.  There is a story behind this piece and it starts with an encaustic painting I didn't like and I began to scrap the wax off the wood cradle but began to LOVE the way it looked on the old paper, so I ran for my camera and shot this.  The piece at the UMVA show is conceptual in that I printed it on Japanese mulberry paper and then used another wood cradle to mount it on and add a few light layers of encaustic wax medium.  From wax to a different way of wax. 

It's also available as a 38 x 24" print on gallery wrapped canvas that will soon go on my Etsy site ( next week.  Got some PR action in the Maine Gallery guide as well:

The other show I'm currently in is the Working Waterfront show at the Meetinghouse Arts Gallery, 40 Main St in Freeport.  I've got a straight photograph and an altered iPod encaustic photo, along with a few monotypes in that show.

Here are the pieces in that show:

Dock Debris - Encaustic Photo on Wood - 8 x 8

Harbor Fish in the Fog - 11 x 14

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