Monday, May 2, 2022

Merry Month?

Well it is May, but up here in Rockport, Maine, we're barely in the flower stage of our late blooming spring.  Still a bit too chilly for a picnic by the ocean, but I'm betting it's wonderful weather in Venice.  And although I won't be there in person, I did have some work near the Biennial... click on this link 

or copy and paste -

Last week the hubster and I both tested positive for covid and started on a 5 day treatment of Paxlovid.  He took the final pill this morning and then tested himself to find out that he's still positive.  So I figure I probably am as well and I cancelled all appointments this week that I had a silly idea that I'd be well enough for.  But today feels different, worse than the past 4 days.  Could the rebound effect happen even before I'm finished taking the pills?

Remember that piece I donated for the benefit art show for Ukraine?  It sold and I'm so very happy about it.  Money is going to Doctors without Borders.

I've got some shows coming up this summer.  A member show at UMVA Gallery in Portland in June.  And another show called Working Waterfront at the MeetinghouseArts Gallery in Freeport.  I'm thinking of entering this photograph:

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully you will both feel better soon with no lasting side effects. Love the photo you want to enter. I've given to Doctors Without Borders for many years as a united Way contribution. I would love to attend your open house. Be well and keep creating. Hugs. T