Monday, February 3, 2020

Got Plastic?

I'm seeking clean, colorful plastic for a project that Maine artist Kim Bernard is doing.  This marvelous artist, who I first learned encaustics from, got her grants to make portable machines that chew up plastic and then heat it and extrude it for making sculpture!  It's called her PUMP Project and you can get more information on it here in this video.

This is a brilliant way to take an obnoxious material and totally transform it into something of beauty!  I had thoughts of doing this myself but it hadn't coalesced into anything solid that I could write a grant for.  This is why I have to help Kim on this project.  So, got plastic? 

I'm going to be collecting plastic for Kim so email me at anntracy51 - at - if you would like to drop some off at my studio (when I'm here which is generally 1 to 6 pm) down here in Portland's East Bayside Neighborhood, just down the Street from Cove St. Arts and the Indigo Institute on Cove St.  Please start collecting plastic and email me when you have a small bag full so we can set up a time to drop it off for Kim...  You could also have a studio visit too!! 

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