Sunday, November 24, 2019

Kusama Dots and Migration at the ICA Boston

 A couple of weeks ago, JK & I threw the dogs in the van and drove down to Boston to see Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Room Installation with my buddy Jonathan and his girlfriend Melissa.  We drove (at least half an hour on electric battery and then hybrid) down with the dogs b/c we couldn't find a dog sitter and we were leaving the following week to go to Seattle for Thanksgiving with the Christiansens, JK's sister's family.  When we lived out in California we used to share hosting Thanksgivings, until Al Kreutzberger, JK's dad got too frail to travel and then I hosted them all at our house, which luckily had a big dining room to fit a dozen people around a table.

But back to the ICA and Kusama's work which was amazing.  Here are a few photos from the installation:

Then we saw a Nick Cave sculpture, which really reminded me of the huge installation he did out at Mass Moca a couple of years ago.

 Which lead nicely into work by Lavaughan Jenkins, who was unknown to me, but Jonathan had met him a few years back.

The following are all from the Migration series they have up there now and I highly recommend you get down to see it.  I didn't post some of the most powerful videos but do go and see them.

Sorry about this not being focused, but it should be fairly legible. 

What I found the most amazing was this wall installation by Reena Saini Kallat:

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