Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Step Closer....

I work with a group of art consultants called Indie Walls.  They allow artists to pitch art for upcoming remodels of hotels, offices and homes.  Generally the client will have some sort of idea board, but you do have to be creative at times. 

I've got one hotel already interested in putting one of my abstract digital works (that I would have to redesign to fit the space they have) BUT I hven't signed the contract yet.  Sigh.... patience is so difficult. 

And now, another hotel (in Utah this time) has "liked" one of my proposals:
Congratulations, your artwork was favorited...
This means that there is interest in your artwork for this open call. Increase the chances that your artwork makes final selection by pitching more of your work now.

But do I have anything else that might work?  Gotta dig thru the archives today and Fed Ex my work to the NYC show at Atlantic Gallery!

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