Thursday, May 30, 2013

Going Back to Catch Up

Remember I told you about the Portland Art Museum getting to show a part of William Paley's Modernist Collection?  I haven't forgotten about it, but if we know each other on Facebook, you know I've been a trifle busy.  I'm finally working on the images and will hopefully get them up by tomorrow... in the meantime, here was a wall quote from the show

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Arte de Cuba

Can you stand just one more post about Cuba?  This time it's a visual treat for you folks who don't live here in Portland Maine.  Since the artist reception is over, I thought I'd post some photos of how I hung the show in my little mini gallery inside Constellation Gallery.  Just click here and then go backwards for a bit.  All the work in this show will be uploaded to my site at Fine Art America if you'd like to have a print.

I have also finally processed all the "art" photos that I took while in Havana.  This includes a taste of public art as well as street art and work from an art show that I enjoyed while there.  And as in our country, some of the best artists are taking it to the streets.  They are up now in the Flickr site here.

This photo above to me is what Havana is all about - beautiful, decaying, but still hanging in there.  I also have been working in my usual way on a post modern portrait of Cuba which encompasses photos from Vinales as well as Havana.

I've submitted this portrait to the next show at Constellation Gallery, have not found out yet if it's been juried in.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Small Soiree

If I don't see you at the reception, Gallery hours are 

Monday through Saturday from noon to 4 pm.