Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flying High

Not really high, I've just had one bloody mary, but flying enroute to Portland Maine.  We are going out to look at about a dozen houses selected for us by our RE agent out there.  But I did leave town with a clear conscious as yesterday I uploaded the digital files to my printer for my April-May solo show at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento.  I will have a dozen new pieces in it of digital mixed media as well as transfers like the eggplants above and some new abstract acrylic paintings.

Since I'm not on my art-making computer but my laptop, I had to go to Facebook to copy the eggplant transfer from my Ann Tracy Fine Art & Photography page.   It's really a poor copy of the original photo.

But you might be interested to know the process I go through making these transfers.  It takes several days.  First I create the image to be transfered on my computer.  In this case it was a photo of three eggplants shot with my iPod in my kitchen.  I then brought it into Photoshop where I blurred out the background and heightened the color a bit. 

I then print the image on a special transfer substrate.  This then dries for a day.  I then prepare a canvas that has already been stretched onto bars with a light coating of gel medium.  Then I take the substrate and run water over it until the backing comes away from the film. 

Then the tricky part - very carefully placing the very thin film onto the canvas and daubing it lightly with a paper towel as it's still wet.  Then carefully stroking the film to remove air bubbles.  Now we wait another day for it to dry.

I then cost the image with acrylic varnish and let it dry for a few hours.  Then I get to push some paint around.  My palette is dictated by the colors in the image.  Then I paint into the image and one the sides of the canvas.  For this particular piece, I used a 6 x 6" canvas that is about 2 inches deep.  I like these kinds of canvases because they can either hang on the wall or sit upright on a shelf or table.

One of the pieces I will have in the show at Luna's is a true hybrid - very mixed media piece.  I took an abstract painting that I made (called "Hollywood Will Chew You Up") and photographed it.  I then took that digital file and added more digital painting to it as well as another image.

I also came up with a title for the show - Never Can Say: Goodbye.  This has significance for me as it's my swan song to Sacramento.  Although I'm excited by our new adventure in Portland, I'm also sad that I'm leaving so many dear friends in the area.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post Production

After I posted Maggie's photos, got a message from another photog friend (thanks E Marie) about how distracted she was with the first one I posted earlier today - so I put my big girl pants on and fixed it!

better, eh?

Head Shots Anyone?

Although most of the time what I post here concerns my fine art photography, I'm not above being a shooter for hire!  I used to think that I really didn't have the chops for portrait photography, but that notion was dispelled when I worked on the portraits of the women and instructors at the Women's Wisdom Art Project at the FoodBank this past year with my friend George Streng.

One of my dear friends, Maggie needed some new head shots since she is doing a bit more commercial work these days, so we agreed upon a time to come over to her house to do the shoot.  I asked her to pull clothing for three very different looks - Grandma in the Kitchen, Executive Woman and Auntie Mame.  I also took an extra light with me as I couldn't remember how much natural light she had in her house.  When I got there I was delighted that tons of light was streaming in through the two walls of living room windows!

I'm gonna post some of my favorites where I think that Maggie has assumed some new characters.  I didn't do much in post, as for commercial and theatre work you really need to look like your head shot. 

 So, give me a call if you need a new head shot!