Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Forward

my mission

as an artist

hovers like a ghostly grail

a scant few inches over my head

keep the channel open

allow it all to come in

let the hard, jagged edges be seen

let the soft, dreamy centers be felt

keep the channel open

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Something for Everyone

And for you Holiday Cynics out there, here's a classic from Tom Lehrer, one of the funniest songwriters this country has ever produced. I can't figure out on to post a video from You Tube on the blog, so just click HERE

Happy Happy Merry Merry

Finally am ready for the holidays! Here's our tree for this year in the front window of our dining room, which looks out onto the street and the neighbor's house which is much better lit than ours.
The Sweet Hubby got clobbered with work this week, which is unusual at this time of year when everything is generally slow. But he is a freelancer - which means for those of you who are wage slaves and are considering working for yourself - that you can work anytime you want, including holidays and weekends because you don't know when the next job will be coming down the pike.
In a related holiday development, was going through some old photos looking for some of my mom (who passed away four years ago) that I could scan and print to use in photo Christmas tree ornaments, when I came across this one of moi at the age of two on Christmas Eve in whatever town we were living in at the time.
Some things never change, like the big open mouth in the photo! Yep, still got that and the love of home-baked cookies.
I don't wear fussy little dresses with Peter Pan collars and aprons attached anymore. And the chestnut brown and red hair has turned to gray and white, but I'm probably just as goofy. Happiest of Holidays to all and a wish for peace and joy in the coming year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Egg and Ann

OK, don't know if I've made this clear or not, but I'm pretty useless in the mornings. I've always been a night owl since I was a teenager, except for those 10 years working as a radio journalist when I always got to do the early morning shows. Good thing it wasn't TV. I can certainly sound awake, but ask any of the DJs I worked with, I did not look like any kind of awake humanoid at all.
  • But I digress... This morning the Sweet Hubby got up way too early and made himself some pancakes for breakfast. When he does that he always makes an extra one for his charming wife when she gets up. So I'm making my tea, looking at the pancake and I decide that a lovely soft-boiled egg would be just the ticket. Did I mention that it's hard for me to engage my brain in the morning?
So, I'm looking at the clock and thinking I don't have time to boil the water for that egg, so I'll... hold your breath here ..... microwave it in a cup of water! I go out to the dining room to look at the paper when the Sweet Hubby goes out the door to haul in the trash and recycling cans from the street, walks in the door and turns to go into the kitchen, when..........
  • I hear this loud noise and then him yelling. I rush in to find what most 5th graders would know would happen.... yes ..... the egg exploded in the microwave, blowing open the microwave door and scattering little cooked (it was far too hard boiled for me now) bits of egg and shell ALL OVER THE STOVE and floor. The floor I didn't have to worry about because Crash the dog smelled the egg and was in there already licking the floor before I got in there. We should have named him Hoover (cue British laugh track).
Then it occurred to me, it could have exploded just as the Sweet Hubby was walking by the microwave! OMG, I could have killed him or at least injured him because he's tall and the door when it swung open could have smacked him in the head. We laughed over it and he helped me clean up and I wondered how much life insurance I had on him.

Monday, December 15, 2008

'Tis the Season

Just recently I stumbled upon a great blog/website called I Kicked Cancer's @ss. The gal who writes the blog, Meaghan, is also a cancer survivor and she came up with this great idea to hook up creative types with people going through cancer treatments. The creative types send the cancer warriors a piece of art work (like I'm doing) or a card or a small handmade gift of some sort. So I'm sending my person a print of Hope, pictured above. Know some creative types (or are one yourself) who might like to participate? Tell 'em Ann sent you. I think this is a perfect thing for this time of year when so many folks are having a hard time making ends meet. 'Tis better to give than receive!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Making Movies

I think I've just about recovered from my recent film shoot - Bitter/Sweet a new comedy written and directed by David Ligon, a Sacramento filmmaker and board member of the Capital Film Arts Alliance This is a short film (30 minutes) about middle-aged women and the differences between women and men. It's a very funny script and I hope that it gets into film festivals across the US and the rest of the world! I played the role of Patsy, a middle-aged widow who played the heavy, for lack of a better term and I probably do outweigh the rest of the cast! While we had two days of 12-hour shooting, I could not have asked for a more talented group of women in the cast - good work David for being able to gather such a wonderful group of ladies.
Here we are in a shot of one of the scenes in the film, from left to right: Mary Beth Barber, Sheila Ellis, Morgan, moi, Kat Monda and Ruby Sketchley. Not pictured is Aliciya, who plays Heather. We've still got two more scenes to shoot and I don't have any photos of the shoots with the guys, but yes, there are some wonderful male actors in this film too. Keep your fingers crossed that it comes to a film festival near you in 2009.
Now back to work on the giant lightbox new motel piece I'm doing for the Postcards from Nada Motel in January at the Barrick Museum in Las Vegas. If you're in that part of the world on Jan 23rd, come on down for the artists' reception. I'll be showing my digital art along with some very fine Nevada artists.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What NOT to Get Your Special Someone

Ah... the holidaze, you can smell the questions in the air! What shall I get my significant other? If you're a woman you're probably taking care of most of the holiday details vis-a-vis decorating, food, parties etc. If you're a guy, your only task is to do the outdoor lights most likely and to buy a present for your significant other. So don't blow it this year and end up like this. Special thanks to my friend over at the Midlife Musings blog for finding this very funny lesson for guys.
I use the word Holiday so it will include Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and other winter holidays celebrations that are mostly based on the old Pagan/Earth Gods religions. Many of our current traditions are rooted in the old ways. There's an interesting blog on religious tolerance that lists many different religious holidays based on the solestice. In it they say that : "Any record of the date of birth of Yeshua of Nazareth (later known as Jesus Christ) has been lost. There is sufficient evidence in the Gospels to indicate that Yeshua was born in the fall, but this seems to have been unknown to early Christians. By the beginning of the 4th century CE, there was intense interest in choosing a day to celebrate Yeshua's birthday. The western church leaders selected DEC-25 because this was already the date recognized throughout the Roman Empire as the birthday of various Pagan gods. Since there was no central Christian authority at the time, it took centuries before the tradition was universally accepted."
  • I just finished ordering my Unicef Holiday cards. I urge you to go to the Unicef Shop and order cards from them, as the proceeds go to programs that help kids all over the world, not matter what holiday they enjoy in the winter!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Aids Day

Yesterday before I had to be on set to shoot a scene from a short film I'm acting in, I was thinking about what I should write about on Aids Day - that hasn't been written before. At first I thought that I would encourage all my readers to either donate money to their local Aids charity - here in Sacramento, it's called CARES - or donate their time if they don't have the dough. I'm still going to do that as soon as I finish this post and I hope that you will donate either time or money to the many Aids groups across the world.
  • But then I read MeMe King's blog about her neighbor having Aids and realized I needed to make it personsal. Because this is a disease, like Breast Cancer, that proabably everyone knows someone who has been touched by it.
So I decided to tell the tale of my first husband Patrick who died of Aids about 15 years ago. My brother introduced me to him and he was a friend and part of our dance company founded by Robin Cole called the Encounter Dancers - hey waddya want, it was was 70s. We fell in love and got married in the same church where we performed many dance concerts - The Unitarian Church in downtown Colorado Springs. That's us in the photo above in a dance we called "Rutabaga Nightmare". Many thanks to my great friend Riki who had that photo for years and shared it with me when we got back in touch. She was also part of that dance company. We were only married for a short while, less than a year. I think when we both realized that we wanted more from life than we could give each other.
  • We stayed friends and in touch for many years. When I was living in sin with my now legally wedded spousal unit, Pat would even come over for dinner sometimes. But the years went on and we lost contact with each other.
It was a very sad day when my mom, who was still living in Colorado Springs, called me and told me she had seen the obituary. He was a talented, bright and funny guy who I wished had used condoms.

And the winner is....

Yes, a drumroll please....... We've got Seven Winners.... all you who picked Design #1. Now, I'll need you to email me your mailing addresses and I have better get busy printing. If you have high speed internet service and can handle a 3 mb file, let me know and I'll just email a print to you. Thanks for participating... we'll have to do this again
The Winners are: Anon, Mike, MeMe King, Sue O'Kieffe, my dear artist friend and one of the founders of the international Webist group - Ingrid, Diego and Joelyn!