Monday, June 23, 2008

Where NOT to stay in Reno with pets!

That would be the SLEAZY accommodations at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino in Reno! In the Triple A Traveling with your pets book, they say the Atlantis is a 3 diamond hotel, but what they forgot to tell folks is that the accommodations for people traveling with pets is absolutely wretched. It's a motel type structure on the backside of the main hotel, with small rooms with either queen or 2 double beds. A bathroom that is small and cramped with wireless service that I had to call the IT guy to get on line. Funny, didn't have to do that at the Hilton at the Salt Lake City Airport where we had an elegant room and the wireless connection was seamless.
So, if you're traveling with a pet, AVOID the Atlantis unless you want a horrible room. sigh....I'll be glad to get home tomorrow. Then it's off to Reno for the Nada Motel art festival. If any of you are out in that area, please stop at the Town House Motel in downtown Reno.


Diego said...

Annie, take my advice: don't stay in motels in Reno. In fact, try not to stay in motels. Remember the Bates Motel? Norman? Mother?

Don't stay in motels.

Ann Tracy, Maine's Digital Alchemist & Artist said...

Where's your sense of adventure Diego? I just won't use the shower...