Thursday, May 21, 2020

Zoom, zoom, zoom

So, who's sick to death of Zoom meetings, raise your hand.  Although I'm grateful for the technology we have to stay connected, I wish the plague would disappear from the land, as does everyone else I'm sure.  But one thing that is good coming out of this are the tele-health visits.  So much easier to talk to your doc and now that more health professionals are doing this, they are becoming more conscious of the walls in their offices.  YES... they need to buy more art to spruce things up!  Like this savvy woman who purchased two small pieces from my Etsy site.

To protect her privacy, I've blurred her face,but doesn't the art look FABU on her office wall.  I can't thank her enough for supporting a living artist.  My amigas at UMVA - Union of Maine Visual Artists - are trying to figure out how to open the gallery safely for the July show.  The June members show will be online, at least on the UMVA blog I created for them while the website was being created.

I'm advocating an RSVP system which limits the time guests have in the gallery, the number of guests each hour and we have someone act as an attendant to make sure social distancing is followed and make it a mandatory mask zone.   As testing has been expanded in Maine, we've seen the infection rate rise, which makes sense.  But there are so many asymptomatic carriers and I have so many friends with immune issues, I feel it will be necessary.

So, how about a poll?  I'd like to see how many folks would feel comfortable going into a gallery space in July.  This will be very helpful to us as we muddle through these uncertain times.  Click here for the poll.

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