Saturday, April 13, 2019

Scam of the Day

Got an email from the international encaustic association to which I belong saying:

"I would like to reach out to you again with regards to the email scam that was sent to the membership from an "Angela Fry," in case you missed our first email about it. It appears they have sent a second round of emails to those who responded to their first inquiry; these responses are identical except for the individual names of artworks. This is a scam, most likely one of the overpayment scams, whereby a person posing as a collector sends a (fraudulent) check for too much money, (often for shipping), to the artists and asks for reimbursement of the overage.
You can find out more about these kinds of scams here:

and here:"

I had just received an email from, guess who?  Yes, Angela Fry!  She told me she lived in Cumberland Maine, just north of where we are in Falmouth, just five miles north of Portland.  That's why I responded to the first email, but by the second one, where she missed the fact that she needed to go through Etsy to buy the work, I had realized that it was just a scam...sigh.

Come on folks, go here to buy a mother's day present.  A pillow with woodblock flowers would be a lovely touch to any decor! 

Meanwhile, it's finally dawned on me that I need to get working on new encaustic pieces for our show in October... and of course I'm making travel plans - but short trips!  Next week I'll be in NYC with my friend Cherie Hacker and in May JK and I are going there to catch King Lear with Glenda Jackson starring in the title role.

Back here in the studio, I'm working again on some encaustic monoprints... here's one on archival tissue paper.

I now need to find some inexpensive rice paper in larger sizes to get some ready for the show in October.

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