Friday, February 15, 2019

New Work - Digital Alchemy and Paint and a Combo

Here in the studio, we're just about ready to set up the encaustic hot boxes and work on some new pieces for the upcoming 3-person show at the UMVA Gallery next to MECA.  Imposition and Yielding: Travail en Cire will open in October of 2019 and features work by Anne Strout, Ann Deutch and yours truly.

But I had a problem with the venting that is just about all solved now and hope to get back to wax before we leave for our annual winter trek south in the van with the doggies.  But in the meantime here's some other work for your perusal....

Empire Heads - based on photos taken in NYC  © Ann Tracy 2018

Orange Sky - Digital painting - © Ann Tracy 2019

Havana Survivor - Mixed media and acrylic - © Ann Tracy 2019

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