Saturday, January 12, 2019

Happy New Year

Hope y'all had terrific holidays with much love and joy.  This was the first Christmas in our new condo so we kept it small and local this year.  We invited our friend Nora for both the eve and the day as she's in the middle of remodeling part of her house and her kitchen is a mess.  Our friend Xtine also came over for Xmas Day dinner.

I don't know why I scheduled cataract surgery for after Thanksgiving and before Christmas as it really messed with my elf duties.... as did having to move my studio to a new spot!  Yeah, let's make the holidaze crazier than usual 😿!

 After paying a huge chunk of change, I got new lenses in my eyes.  Yes, little old me who has been wearing glasses since she was 9 years old is not wearing any glasses as she types this at the computer.  I'm still astounded when I wake up and can actually see things!  Although it's not perfect and I will have to wear reading glasses for some stuff and will need glasses to drive (they couldn't correct the far distance, yes, I was THAT near-sighted).  But they won't be coke bottle bottoms like the others were.

I had to move out of the State Theatre Building b/c the folks that run the garage 2 blocks away where I park, decided that they were no longer going to rent parking space on a monthly basis - the BASTARDS.  I get the letter right after Thanksgiving that says it's effective December 1st !?!

Luckily I've found a new "open concept" space very close to my old space at Running with Scissors which has on site parking and actually even though it's smaller, the space is more usable and I got another big shelving unit which helps.

Now if only I could sell more work so it doesn't clog up the studio and storage spaces at my house... this is the paramount goal for this year - sell more work!  

One of the ways to do this is to be in more galleries and thanks to a great invitation, I'm part of a group show at ARTA Framing & Gallery with two new pieces of work.

Hope to see local friends out there and I'll post the painting and the digital mixed media print later in the month.  The show is up at ARTA, 223 US Route 1, Falmouth until Feb 15th, so buy some art for your Valentine!  The reception is this Friday, Jan 18th from 5 to 7 pm.

Remember 10 years ago when I went out to Bacau, Romania to be one of the judges for a theatre competition?  That's when I first met Justin Cuiche, a violinist who was my primary interpreter and come to find out, astrological twin!  We share the same birthday day, just 20 years apart.  We are still friends and JK and I visited him and his wife two years ago when we went to Berlin for the Biennial that  I was invited to show some work in.

He and his wife had twins last year, on our birthday!  And he has continued his work as a composer and musician.  if  you click HERE, you can hear one of his compositions.

Here's to a new year filled with love, hope and justice!

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