Monday, October 23, 2017

October Odditites

September seemed to fly by after we got back from Halifax.  It was a fun trip but it was back to business when we jetted home.  Because I could not vent encaustic wax fumes from my studio, I was on the hunt for another  one with windows - which I found at the State Theatre building in downtown Portland on the corner of High and Congress streets.  I should also be able to set up a mini studio in the back but that hasn't come together yet.  The one thing I miss about Running with Scissors is the community there.  I have peeps there who have influenced my art making and I hope to catch up with them in the near future!

I've got the place mostly set up, but will get some help from Hilary at abode on better organizing the space once a few other events have come to pass.  I've been a member of the Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA) for a while now and went to a meeting last month where it became clear that someone needed to step up to curate the November member show.  Since I've done this before with Asylum Gallery back in the day in Sacramento, I said sure, I'll do it! 

Then I get an email from the digital art professor Matthew.Smolinsk (UM Orono) asking if I would like to be a visiting artist and talk about my work for two classes in October.  Since they were willing to pay me, I agreed.  I'm looking forward to it this week as I always learn so much about life and art by teaching.

In addition to the UMVA show that opens November 3rd, First Friday here in Portland Maine, there will be a sculpture of a giant, naked woman in DC.  You can read about it here. 

If you're on the opposite coast, you must check out the work of Maria Maiolino in this great article by Carolina Miranda.  I htink it's interesting that she used eggs for her performance but in a different way than I used them in my installation at Running withe Scissors, before I moved.  Yes, eventually, I will be posting all the documentation of that here.  I do need to put it up at another site somewhere.  I need to have the documentation all in order to do this however.