Monday, September 4, 2017


We took a quick birthday trip to Halifax in August.  Neither of us had ever been there before and a new airline was offering some bargain rates and when JK asked me if I wanted to go, I said Of Course!  I love traveling and exploring new places and places where I was once there years ago.  So, yes, I've got some Irish Traveler genes. 

One thing I loved about the city was it's waterfront - Portland you could take some lessons from our Canadian neighbor!  Like the photo above.  Yes, Virginia they are huge hammocks just out there for anyone to loll around in!!  Although you must have to get up pretty early to snag one, as they were never empty when we strolled by.  Had dinner our first night at a great place called The Bicycle Theif while sitting at an outside bar and chatting with the very friendly local folks.  And of course we met another couple from Maine 

You wouldn't know it from the photo of the island that sits right in the middle of the harbor, but Halifax is a boom town right now.  That's why not so many city photos (except the ones I posted on Facebook) b/c construction is not pretty or even interesting at times.

What was interesting was the Arts Gallery of Nova Scotia and that they did a special project with autistic kids as evidenced here:

The photo above shows some of my favorites from the exhibit.

What follows are some other favorites from the museum.

Mermaid by #EmilyFlowers

Titanic by #JimSmith

Tree by #MattWendel
Probably one of the most amazing things they have in the place is the old cabin Nova Scotia's most famous artist - Maude Lewis - lived in with her jerk of a husband.  You must see the movie Maude to understand.  She is the Maritime Provinces' Grandma Moses.  The inside of the cabin is completely painted too.

I think Lewis painted the original "grumpy cat".
I also loved that the museum paid attention to the First Nation artists as well as those whose families immigrated here.  I really loved #MichelleBaikie and her photography featured below:

Spirit Drummer
We also rented a car one day to travel around to the SW of the city to explore the coast and found this charming fishing shack which looks abandoned, just south of Peggy's Cove,


Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

Low Tide at Peggy's Cove

Low Tide at Peggy's Cove
En Plein Aire 

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