Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Thanks for Your Support

Doing multi-media installation is a lot of work and since it can't be "sold" like a painting or a photograph, it means you have to eat the costs involved or get it funded by a grant or foundation.  But to apply for those, you really need to have documentation of your past work. 

This brings me to one of the biggest documentation failures I've ever had - Different Paths up the Same Mountain - an installation that I did with Sherry Ragan (who died right after the installation 2/94) who was the executive director of the Institute for Design & Experimental Art - IDEA gallery when it was in the old Oak Park Firehouse) was supposed to be filmed but there were glitches and technical errors apparently and other than an article in a now defunct weekly newspaper whose name I can't remember for the life of me. 

It really was monumental as we had a three foot wide by 10 foot tall column with a light shining from the bottom; five altars that had 2 steps and artifacts from Buddhism, Native American spiritual philosophy, Judaism, Islam & Christianity; tape players under each altar with different scores I had created for each religion consisting of sound, readings from their holy books and chunks of music which were time to play randomly; then five lights of different colors with different gobos in them which had hand cut images (special shout out to my sister, Jude who did them for us) from the religions.

So back to our opening theme - support.  A thank you to the Forecaster weekly who listed both our opening reception on July 17th, Monday from 5 to 7 pm and our closing reception on July 17th from 5 to 7 pm at Running with Scissors, 250 Anderson (behind the big UHaul place on Marginal Way) or by appointment by emailing me anntracy51 (at)

I'm getting a few days (planned months ago) of R & R up at a lake with hubster and the doggie boys.  But before I left town, my beautiful, artist friends Christine Sullivan and Andrea Spencer helped me prepare parts of Visual Poetics of a War Against Women.  A huge thank you goes out to them.

Andrea helping with the flowers

Christine helping gild the birdcages

A gold clay frame by Anita Holt with ancient clay figurine from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and ink saturated flowers
Look for a video link for the next post.  Having a tussle getting the old dvd player to read it so I can project it but I just ordered a new media player that is supposed to connect to the video projector.
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