Monday, June 19, 2017

Poetics of Dreaming

Dreaming seems to be the poetics of thinking to my mind.  I'm creating an installation using objects, video and fabric here at Running with Scissors (RWS), the home base of my studio.  I signed up for it months in advance but am now realizing July wasn't really the best of months to put it up, as the work for it needs to take place the last two weeks of June, which is also #PortFringe time.  I'm going to install it 1st and 2nd of July, but since I'm away that next week, it won't open until July 17th and will only be up for 10 days.  Hours will be by appointment only (b/c of zoning laws here in East Bayside) with a closing reception on July 27th.

This is Portland's Theatre Fringe Festival that is attracting talent from all over the US to come perform for 2 or 3 shows.  The 1st year it started, I tried to put together a re-mount of the show that my theatre company (#BeyondtheProsceniumProductions) took to Edinburgh back in 1996 - Dancing with Desire: A Poetic Fandango with the Erotic and the Bawdy.  But I was unable to cast it.  Ironically, I was asked this year to act in a show, but the producer lost too many actors and had to bag it.

So instead, I'm doing theatre without actors - or installation art as others call it.  Here's a wiki about it.  It will include the use of fabric, objects and video and be installed in part of the front gallery at RWS.   What I'm really sad about today is that although I'm volunteering Wed night., because of other plans made and work that needs to get done and my general peace of mind, I'm gonna miss the fringe this year.

Here's a little sneak preview of one of the objects that will be in the installation.

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