Friday, November 25, 2016

Berlinische Galerie Museum of Modern Art

Finally finding the time to talk to you about a fascinating show I saw in Berlin at the aforementioned museum.  One of the exhibits there was called Dada Africa: Dialogue with the Other.  "Marking the centenary if the Dada Movement, this is the first exhibition about Dada's response to non-European cultures and their art."

I thought I was smart picking up an English guide to the work on display, but I didn't photograph all the numbers that correspond to the guide.  So other than a few Hannah Hochs, most are not IDed.  But here are some highlights.  

I believe this costume is African and boy does it remind me of the work of Nick Cave, the artist, not the musician.

Hannah Hoch
Hannah Hoch  

John Heartfield

Raoul Hausmann

This assemblage might also be by John Heartfield

I did record some video, BUT, don't have a decent video editing software on this laptop... so I'll edit it on the big studio computer and upload it to vimeo and then post a link.... 

more later...

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