Friday, May 20, 2016

Boston Biennial - almost - Update

When I bitched about this on their facebook page, I got a message from the Boston Biennial folks explaining (once more) that they had already announced you had to check the website to see if  your work got it.... and the work was digitally displayed (so of course they didn't contact me for a print).  Can you help me wipe the egg off my face?  Mea Culpa ...

Did I tell you that I entered the Boston Biennial this year with pieces from the Domestic Considerations series?  It's always interesting to see what makes the cut in different competitions.  But I hadn't heard anything from them, so I checked their website on a whim.  You will have to scroll down the page to get to the Ts for Tracy...
Domestic Considerations: Drama
I was chosen as a finalist and no one notified me!?!  Guess they didn't show the work of the finalists in the physical location in Boston as no one emailed me to say that they needed a print of the work.  So while I'm proud that one of the images made the cut, am also dismayed that there was no communication. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Merry May Madness

After getting back from NYC to see our nephew Sean's wife Renee and their oldest, Hannah and seeing Hamilton; it was back to busy with our Running with Scissors' Open Studio Event at the end of the month.

My commercial agent was getting work for me too!  In early May not only shot 2 TV commercials, but played the role of the history teacher in The Witch Files, a movie being filmed up here.  By the time I did this spot, spring had finally sprung up here in Maine.

It was a delightful day to play Grams planting flowers and veg with the kids. 

Then I was asked if I would direct for Acorn Theatre's 24-Hour Theater Project.  Since my mid-May photo workshop to benefit Fort Gorges had to be put off until September, this seemed doable without being overwhelming.  Playwrights got their writing prompts (a place - pickle factory, a prop - rotary phone and a line - You have to pay attention if you want to learn something) on Sat night and I got a finished 10 min script the following morning at 8 am, then began working with the actors at 9 am... and the show goes up at 7:30 Sunday night!

Add to all that a sick dog - Tucker -  that had to be taken to the emergency vet and stay over Sunday.  He finally recovered enough to bring home on Monday afternoon.  So you can imagine that I was a trifle distracted, but directed my actors to my 2nd year in a row receipt of the People's Choice Award!

"What's This Play About? by DELVYN CASE JR.. 2016 Maine Playwrights Festival. Portland, ME. From May 08, 2016 to May 08, 2016. Winner of "The People's Choice Award" for best play at The 24-Hour Theater Project."

While I was doing that I was also working on more pieces to the Domestic Consideration series, here's #5

 I think there will only be one more in this series.  Hoping you will have a lovely spring.