Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summertime and the Living is Getting More Complex

Even though I had intended to take the months of July and August off - guess what?  I'm booking up again.  I really can't bitch though as I've still got my exhibit of Cuba photos up the rest of the month at the Freeport Library.  On Sunday, I take down the Nada Dada Motel show at the Dock Fore, but no sales to show for it.  This means I have a complete package with all of the work that I should be pitching to some galleries in Reno!

Am working on a commissioned piece that's very large, comprised of some of the Cuba photos that are up at the library and a few others from my first show of Cuba photos back in 2014 at Constellation Gallery.

Had a very good production meeting this morning with Bess Weldon and Christine Sullivan about getting our PR / production / fundraising ducks in a row for a November production of #Madeleines for the Portland Stage Studio Series.  Audiences saw part of the play as part of the Maine Dish, produced by Snowlion Repertory Theatre's PlayLab this past April.  Audiences were so enthusiastic as were actors Karen Ball and Julia Langham and me, that we asked Bess about presenting the full piece.  The part seen at Maine Dish was only a small bit of a longer one-act play.  So Bess is polishing it up for you to see November 17th through the 19th at Portland Stage's Studio Theatre.  Here's a photo from the Maine Dish production.

Karen Ball & Julia Langham in Madeleines.  Photo by Ann Tracy