Monday, June 1, 2015

What's Good for the Goose....

Prince's New Clothes
Take a gander at's constructed of a photo of Richard Prince, along with an appropriated copy of one of his paintings.  Do you remember Prince?  He is the famous artist who has been working with appropriation for many years now and currently has a show of Instagram photos that he took from the web and then put his own name on.  They're at Gagosian Gallery in NYC. 

So, how about my appropriation of an appropriator?  According to this legal article by Nino Bastista, I probably have Fair Use on my side as I've done my digital alchemical magic on the images to create something new! 

And I'm going to go even further with it incorporating some mixed media and encaustic wax!  But this is after JK's sister and her hubby visit us.  They're coming out for about 5 days and we get to experience Maine like tourists again!  And of course I'll be making my (soon-to-be) famous lobsta risotto.
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