Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Excuse me, is That the Telephone Ringing?

It's always wonderful to work on art projects with other artists, even ones you've never met!  Such was the case when I signed on to the Satellite Collective's "Telephone" project.  Although the original message was " Breton fisherman’s prayer: Oh god thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.", you might not have divined that when you saw the photograph that I was given, which is the first image in the video I made, which you can see here.

When I saw the image, I immediately thought of Shakespeare's Richard III, which deals with betrayal and has a very important line in it about strawberries.  Big Shout Out goes to Nathan Langston, who directed and conceived of Telephone for the Satellite Collective.  Another one goes to the art blog Hyperallergic for covering the event.

Another Big Shout Out goes to my students for the "Unleashing Your Vocal Power" workshop I did on April 11th at the Real Media Sound Stage Studio.  Big thanks to Richard Pelletier for the space and my agent Krystal at Portland Models and Talent for helping to promote it. 

In the workshop we first recorded a radio spot cold.  Then we talked about how doing voice over work is very similar to stage and film work because you really do have to be an actor.  Then we did some of Kristen Linklater's vocal work from her book Freeing the Natural Voice.  I told the students that even though the work seemed a bit "woo-woo" with lots of imagery and relaxation, it really worked.  This became evident when we recorded the same spots again.  I promised the students that I would make an MP3 for them so they could continue the work at home, but have been sidelined with terrible neck and shoulder pain resulting from an unknown cause but occurring after 3 months of physical therapy for having a case of tendonitis in my right elbow.

Now for all of you that aren't on Facebook, we finally adopted two little rescue dogs and picked them up last weekend.  Crash passed on November 11, 2013 and it's really taken us this long to get over that loss.  Here is Tucker, a silver mini schnauzer who is 8 years old.

 And his best buddy, Mica, who is 5 years old and ironically enough has papers!  They are very much a bonded pair with Mica being the most inquisitive and loving to follow you all around the house - a velcro dog !

They are very sweet doggies and are being very respectful of the kitties.  We're a big happy family in the evening in front of the fire.  The boys are very comfortable being couch potatoes and we're trying to socialize them with other dogs at a neighbor's house (Bill & MF's place) so they can improve their walking with other dogs around manners. 

They had lived in Arundel (small town west of Kennebunk) when their owner was forced to give them up because of health issues.  I'm so glad we could give them a forever home for her.  And a big thank you to Almost Home Rescue of Maine for helping us adopt them. 
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