Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ready for a Rant?

Ya know how when you look at a menu at a restaurant, you have certain expectations based on the description?  Ever been in a situation where you ordered something and expected it to come as described?  That was my situation the other night when JK took me out to dinner...after a fabulous read through with my casts and playwrights for the two 10 min plays I'm directing for SnowLion Repetory's "Maine Dish" show of 10-min plays by local playwrights during Restaurant Week this coming March.

It was snowing here in Portland but there was nothing in the house to cook, so we decided to try out C2 ... the restaurant at the Westin Hotel which bought out the East Ender downtown near the Art Museum.  I've had a bug in my bonnet for quite a few years now about how the Westin rehabs the old hotels it buys.  That came about after they bought out the St Francis Hotel in Union Square in San Francisco.  Instead of saving the beautiful period work in that old hotel, they redid it in a style I can only call "corporate design" - everything safe neutrals with no charm or class and looking like every other Westin you've ever been in. 

My entree came with a port wine sauce at dinner that night which was not as it was described in the menu.  I returned it saying that I wasn't fond of a port sauce on the meat and it wasn't described as such in the menu.  It took a while, but I finally got my meal and the very professional and kind Assistant Manager of C2 came over to apologize and tell me that they were comping our meal because we weren't happy!?!

Brava to her for knowing that they need to be good to the locals who eat there as well as the travelers who stay at their hotel!  I wish I had written her name down as she was doing the right thing and I wanted to praise her for this.

And now for something completely different, a photo I took in an Irish bar last year in NYC...

They put a painting behind a piece of stained glass with a light on it....clever way to add ambiance and use some local artists (I hope).

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Streets of Asheville

 I think I'm just a bit infatuated with Asheville, NC, but please don't tell Portland ME.  Here's some photos I snapped while we were there and walking around.


Lots of old brick buildings and lights all had these wreaths

Looking toward city hall and Asheville Art Museum to the right

Installation of Kitties

Mural on parking garage

It was foggy on Xmas Eve

I liked the painted awning over this store

Sista ironing JK

This panoramic photo is the original lunch counter at the old Woolworth's which has been converted into an artist's gallery.  You can read more about it and the artists by clicking here.

Coming up next, traveling from Asheville north east near the town of Boone NC, where we visted JK's brother and his family.