Thursday, September 4, 2014

Critical Mass

Did I ever tell you about my days as a critic?  During my final days at KGNR in Sacramento, I approached the General Manager (the Big Guy) after seeing all the automated equipment coming into the station, with an idea - I was quitting the morning drive news job but it wouldn't look like another rat leaving a sinking ship if I stayed at the station on a part time basis and did theatre and movie reviews!  (We call him the Big Guy because he did remind much of the staff of the GM on WKRP in Cincinnati.)  I only did that for a few months (I had to keep the reviews way too short) before I went over to KXPR, the public radio station where I knew the News Director (Russ Heimerich who is a PIO for the state of California) who used to work with me over at KGNR. 

Of course they weren't paying me squat so after doing a great job for a year or so, I asked for a raise and was refused - so I quit to become a PR Consultant for small businesses and non profit groups.  But reviewing theatre is a very different animal than reviewing art and there's also the distinction of being a critic or being a reviewer.  When I got into critic mode, they always pulled me back even though I was careful to put the good with the "didn't work very well" comments.

I wish I had heard (and had the time and money to spend some time in NYC) for a free class on art criticism run by the Bruce High Quality Foundation University.  You can read about it here.

Wonder how they would have reviewed my latest little painting - it's from an idea I had back in the 90s and even though a very wonderful artist (Margaret Nomentana) is currently showing work in a group show at UNE where she's done the same thing - using acrylic paint skins on canvas - I had to realize my idea as well.  But I had to blab about it on the canvas first and then paint over that.

My photo is not that good as you can't see the golden shine on it... will tray for a better one later.  Letting Loose is only 8 x 6".  What would be a fair price for it?
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