Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm Back....

Who says blog posts need to be in chronological order?  I haven't posted in over a  month because I had wanted to blog about going to a Surrealist photo show at the little museum at Bowdoin College in Brunswick with my friend and neighbor Christine before posting anything else.  Silly me.  Life seems to be happening at the speed of light these days but now I find myself having a little mini vacation with JK up at Highland Lake Resort (cough) which is only about an hour away in Bridgeton up Rt 302.  They call it a "resort" because there's a small swimming beach and you can take their canoes or kayaks out on the lake which I hope we do tomorrow.

It's really beautiful up here low 80s with a light breeze to keep the bugs away while JK & I sit out on our shared porch sipping some white wine after taking a dip in the lake.  The water was bracing but I did get used to it enough to paddle around with a foam noddle.   We did have a swimming companion
Loons generally aren't so close to shore so JK thinks maybe there's a nest nearby.

Unfortunately my cousin Linda and her hubby can't connect with us even though we're only an hour away from their house on Kezar Lake because of his work schedule and then grandkids coming up.  Internet is very dodgy up here, but I've learned how to make my phone a mobile hotspot. 

So how was your 4th of July?  We started the weekend at the Damnationland party at Possible Studios on Thursday night.  Each year they produce shorts in the horror or psychological thriller vein and host a screening at the State Theatre in downtown Portland.  Not only did folks sign a Declaration of Independence in Film

They also announced the scripts that had been chosen and the directors.  I'm going to be playing a character part in one of them.  More on that later.

We got rained out in Portland on the 4th so we cooked some chicken bratwurst in a grill pan inside along with bacon and red wine infused sauerkraut and a salad.  It was amazing how good the brats where as they got the seasoning right on and you'd think you were eating the heavier pork ones.  We were supposed to go to our neighbors Bill & Mary Frances' house for a paella cookout but it got postponed to the following Sunday. 

The next day found us at Logan Airport so I could get my finger prints and photo taken for my TSA Trusted Traveler Card.   Yeah, it's pricey but if it will keep the TSA petty bureaucrats out of my hair while flying, it's priceless.  I can finally keep my shoes on!  We got there early and it didn't take long at all so we decided to come back home via Newburyport, a place I had never visited when I lived out here as a kid.
After a stroll through downtown, we decided to have dinner out on Plum Island, accessible by a causeway over some streams and marshes. 
What was surprising about the water at the beach was how warm it was compared to beaches just a few minutes south of Portland...which is about 50 miles north of here.  Had a lovely dinner at the Plum Island Grill and hit the road to go home, as tomorrow was Paella Sunday!

Bill Forster and his grilled paella... was wonderful!  I made a delightful little Spanish salad of tomatoes, onion, white beans and (my addition of) cucumber dressed with a lemony oil and vinegar and dusted with paprika and garlic.

Time to get out of the wet swimsuit and onto a culinary adventure of dinner in the Bridgeton area... until then, have fun....
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