Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fast and Furious

Has it ever felt like life is almost speeding away?  Sure has for me in the past several weeks since the last blog post.  I kept thinking that I would find the time to finish posting the rest of the Havana Dance photos but my good friend Kate Maney met me in NY the beginning of the month of May where we spent several days including a trip to Winterthur (ancestral home of the DuPonts in Maryland) with a group from the Professional Women's Photography group.  It was great fun being with these ladies who I have only had email and phone contact with since I joined.  The tour itself was kinda dumb in that the docent kept trying to hurry us up as another group was behind us.  Right, a group of uppity lady photographers who have to wait for people to get out of the way to get their shots?  Come on.... 
I was still recovering from my bunion surgery (now I'm just able to put full weight on it) so I kept limping slowly and giving our docent dirty looks and (you know me and my big mouth) telling her what she was asking wasn't about to happen really.  None of the other photographers were too happy either.  And then you have to consider the fact that we actually paid to see the mansion of one family from the 1%.   All I can say is that the DuPonts must be greedy bastards not to help with the upkeep of the family manse.
Parlor for entertaining - note the wallpaper

You can see how beautiful it still is, but you know it cost a pretty penny.
It wasn't just the trip to see a rich family's home, but also a chance to see some of the great costumes from Downton Abby! 

And to take a little open air bus ride around the grounds where they have an "Enchanted Woods".  Of course all I could think about was how much fun it would be to bring a group of figure models there and do a shoot.  I just don't think they'd like to have naked people lounging about there.  Yes, they are stuffy!

If you're in Portland, come on by to Constellation Gallery where I have one of the pieces from the Cuban Power series on exhibit.  It's First Friday, June 7th from 5 to 8 pm...  I'll be at Constellation towards 7:30 or so.... I want to get out there and see the work of some other artists too!