Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thursday Afternoon in Havana

Onto the bus we piled with our camera bags and about 15 minutes later were in a different part of the city at the Centro Coreografico - Compania Narciso Medina, an old theatre where we were going to work with dancers from the aforementioned company who had not been able to go with the rest of the company when they traveled to the Ukraine to give some performances.  

As we were being divided  up into groups by Elizabeth Opalenik and given a place in the theatre to shoot, this beautiful young woman walked in with her young daughter.  One of the dancers was part of her family and she wanted to see what all the fuss was about I guess.  I call this photo, Cuban Madonna and Child.

We worked with one young man, whose name I never caught, who had never done anything like this.  I think the poor kid was a bit overwhelmed by four photographers asking him to do different things and to improvise.  But good experience for him for any future PR shoots for the company.

Technique not a problem for this young dancer!
We were only using a small part of the theatre while working with this young man, but then we got to change models and places and were able to use more of the stage space with some lighting.  However, not all the lights were operational (nothing on the 1st bar for my theatre-saavy readers) so we worked with what we had mainly a few 2nd bar Fresnels and some side kicker lights with the next young dancer.  I also wanted some props so we found this interesting chair that had a very tall back.

Then we changed up models again and we got two dancers but we had to leave the building because of some other kids thing that was going to happen, so luckily for us there was this crumbling foundation of what was once a building across a side street.

 After climbing back on the bus and getting back to the hotel it was just about time to decide what to do for dinner.  Went with the wonderful Anthony and Florence Rodale and  John Mickle to a nearby place called La Terraza.  From there we watched as a huge storm blew through the city as we were (mostly) covered by  an awning high on the 3rd floor of the building.

Sorry to be so late in posting all this, but the surgery really put me back a few weeks.  I've got more photos to share from Cuba as well as the news that some of the photos have been transformed into new work that I'm bringing to the New York's Art Expo with Bilhenry Gallery at Pier 94 April 4th to the 6th.

I'm hoping to wrap up the Cuba trip in one more post and then move on to my experiences at Art Expo.  Hoping the collector Dr. Brandt comes by our booth and falls in love with my work and buys a piece!