Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Things for the New Year

and we haven't even gotten to the Asian New Year... new studio in a new way of working.. we'll  see how that works  out...  I've been working alone for so long it will be interesting as to how I'll be able to work in a very open space... but it does feel so much more open than my tiny attic space with angled ceilings.  I've been so used to working by myself for many years.  But it may prove to be a way to work in collaboration with some other local artists which would be cool.

The  art blog #Hyperallergic had a new column about selfies.... asking artist to post them and post a description.  So I was involved with cleaning up the studio and then packing up to move over to Running with Scissors shared artist space and thought about how I usually only post selfies that are attractive and thought what about one that showed my vulnerability.... at the chaos that was happening  as I cleaned, organized and then packed the result is here. 

Running with Scissors is an artist space that is very similar to what Liv Moe in Sacramento is trying to do with Verge.

What is even more strange is that I'm out of town for 2 days to celebrate JK's birthday, then I have one day at the studio and then I go to Havana Cuba for a week with Elizabeth Opalenik and the Santa Fe workshop folks for  a dance photography week, come back and 6 days latter have a surgical procedure for my right foot that will leave me off my feet for at least 6 weeks. 

Will be posting some photos of us trying to cross country ski up here in Bethal in the next day or two.... might be funny.....
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