Friday, December 13, 2013

The Fat Lady Sang...

I can't lie and tell you I don't miss the Miami weather when the high here in Portland Maine will be 25 today.  But before I do a wrap-up on my experience at Spectrum with the wonderful artists at Bilhenry Gallery in Milwaukee, let's have a look at the only other fair I got a chance to see - Miami Project.  This big top is only in it's 2nd year and includes mostly galleries from California and New York with a sprinkling of Detroit, Boston, Albuquerque, Denver and D.C.  The event is managed by artMRKT Productions which also produces art fairs in San Francisco, the Hamptons and Texas.

But like Pulse, the art seemed a little edgier at Miami Project than at Spectrum.

Synesthesia, glass, collage and  acrylic by Dustin Yellin

In 1994 my father lost his vision due to a genetic disorder. His descriptions of eidetic hallucinations from his visual memory were disturbing and intriguing, and became an impetus in my artwork. The rapid deterioration of my own eyesight instigated my concentration on exploring ideas about the perceptions of what I see versus what others may see, and what is real and what is illusion.

Kelly O'Connor's Digital Prints which have cut out areas placed over a collaged area

Another O'Connor print, which were selling like hotcakes!  Most red dots for one particular artist I had seen all day.

But I think my favorite piece in this show, other than Cunningham-Little's light installation, were these little video players inserted into bell jars by David Zimmer.

It almost looked line he had little tablets in there with no backs on them...anyone want to hazard a guess as to how he did this?

There was also this artist who was just showing his work on the street.  I never did get a chance to talk to him to find out if he sold anything.

Of course, everyone has their own opinions on what's hot and what's not, including Paddy Johnson and the folks at Art Fag City which filed this report.

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