Friday, December 20, 2013

Sunday in Miami

Sunday was closing day of the show at Spectrum in Miami and wasn't as busy as one would have expected.   I decided to take more laps around our venue since I had focused on two other art fair venues.  Outside while I was on my way to get some lunch at this really interesting tapas and sushi joint.... odd combo I know but if you like small plates it works.  I had a Spanish style tomato & bread salad and a shrimp and tuna roll that was perfect, along with the last mojito of the trip.  On the way there, a good 3 blocks, I encountered this

Yes, a mobile gallery on the back of a motorcycle.  I was wishing I had a motorcycle or a scooter or something during the week, as traffic was miserable and the Miami trolly system was NOT reliable.  There were several times we waited for a half hour and then ended up walking back to the hotel for a cab.  If I ever go back, I am making sure I rent a scooter and helmet.

Another piece of Street Art or ?
Back at Spectrum, I wandered through the venue again and caught photos of these unusual things,  but I can't ID them b/c I forgot to take a photo of the ID cards.  If you know of any of these artists and their works, please let me know so I can credit them.

This painting impressed Bruce White, one of the artists I was showing with, with the well done really flat crushed components and the unusual perspective and the tight color palette. Me, I was not so wowed by it, but I did understand what he meant.

I thought this "cine-mobile" was an interesting combo of video and sculpture and I actaully did shoot the ID card

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