Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pulse Miami

Before I had to report for duty at the Spectrum Miami Art Fair where I was showing with Bilhenry Gallery, I got a chance to get over to the Pulse Miami Contemporary Art Fair.  Before I even walked in the door, there was art.
Yup, evidence of Shepard Fairey, whose stickers I've incorporated into an encaustic mixed media piece called "Obey Yourself"

Near the Fairey graffti was this other huge piece, but I couldn't find any evidence of the artist's name.

The fair was located at the Ice Palace Film studio which was cavernous and a perfect place for hundreds of galleries to show their work.  But before you walk into the place, there is this

Sputnik Returned by Brandon Vickerd
(Courtesy of Art Mûr,Montreal) Described as a metaphor for the failed promises of a future predicated on scientific advancement.  (Yeah, where's my Jetson's flying car? or my individual jet pack?)  In a way that work is indicative of much of the art at this fair - more conceptual than any other genre.  Or should I say I was drawn more to the conceptual work there.

Guns made of candy

"Dinner for Getting Lost" by MK Guth - Elizabeth Leach Gallery
This reminded me of one of my art heros, Joseph Beuys.

The two portraits above are by Oleg Dou from his Mushroom Kingdom Series from Senda gallery.  There's something creepy but intriguing about them.  They're C-Prints face mounted with acrylic.  Wonder how they're wired in back.

I think this is the artist's name for the following photos of a small installation.  Brilliant idea dealing with travel and trade, but it would have been nice to know which gallery it was from.  Unfortunately the Pulse program just names the galleries and not the artists.

This acrylic painting, Plastic Bags is by Frank Webber and one of the most lyrical takes on how people are trashing the planet.

I had to stop this young woman and ask to take a photo of her and her living hat, yes that's moss and live plants on her head.  She didn't have a card with her name on it and of course I've forgotten it, but she works for a local company called Plant the Future.  I really want one of those hats.
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