Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Onward through the Fog

She dreams of barnacles and branches
I've got an interesting horoscope from Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology for this first week of a new year:

"During the coming months, you may sometimes feel as if every last law and formula and corollary is mutating. In some cases, the new rules coming into play will be so different from the old rules you've been used to, they may at first be hard to figure out. But now here's the happy ending: It may take a while, but you will eventually see that these new rules have an unexpected logic and beauty that will serve your future well"

This comes as I plan a move out of my home studio into the Running with Scissors space over at 250 Anderson in the Bayside neighborhood.  I will still have a presence at  Constellation (will be sharing a wall with another artist there) and will continue to be a member of the Maine Artists Collective.  RWS will be a new type of working space for me as I've never been in a coop type situation with other artists around.  However, it does open more doors for working cooperatively with other people.  They will have a few group shows a year.  So this will be a "new rule" coming into play with me.

The other thing I'm looking forward to is another trip to Cuba with Elizabeth Opalenik and the Santa Fe Photography Workshop folks.  I'm jazzed that three of the folks on our trip last year (Penny, Anthony and Florence) are going the same week.  I will be working on my street photography skills, but the focus is on dance in Havana.  Hopefully we'll get to work with Afro-Cuban, Modern and Ballet dancers in a variety of locations.  I'll be there end of Jan and beginning of Feb.  So don't count on many blog posts from there, as internet situation has not improved I'm told.

Then about a week after I get back, I'll finally have that foot surgery to fix my bunion foot.  Of course this means it will take some time to get back into the studio... sounds like it's a 12 week healing process before I can even start PT.  However, that gives me time to work on a new performance piece I'm writing based on my adaptation of  Cherry Orchard called The Vineyard.  And I will finally watch all the videos I've collected over the years waiting for the right time to watch them!
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