Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Solstice

My digital woodcut Christmas Tree in Boat

Last night was supposed to be the longest night of the year, now we can look forward to more daylight as the new year dawns until the height of the summer solstice, when again we go round the sun.  Many new things are developing for the new year for me personally and professionally, but before we let go of 2013, how about a little Christmas music that you probably won't find on the radio or as muzak.

Bruce Cockburn's Christmas album is one of my favorites.  The following three tunes are from that album.  Rui Rui Chiu is a Spanish carol, Jesus Ahatonnia, is the first Canadian Christmas carol according to Cockburn:

"Otherwise known as 'The Huron Carol', ... It was written early in the 1600s by the Jesuit Fr. Jean de Brebeuf, who acquired fame and martyrdom soon after when he was ceremonially barbecued by members of the Iroquois confederacy, who went on to virtually obliterate the Hurons and their culture. 

They were encouraged in this by British colonial interests who were after control of French claimed territory, much of which was traditionally Huron. Those of this latter tribe who survived the wars were mostly absorbed into Iroquois communities. A few, however, stayed with the French colonies. Their descendants inhabit a couple of villages in modern Quebec, but their language has largely been lost. Special thanks are due to John Steckley for his help as translator and pronunciation coach."

I Saw Three Ships  is a British carol that I also like because you don't hear it very much.  In this post I'm experimenting with adding audio as I don't have enough time (nor Cockburn's permission to use his music) to make a video.  Since I'm crediting him for the music, I'm assuming I'm OK for that.  Will let you know if his barrister looks me up.

I'm posting links to the songs that were uploaded to Box using the word carol.  So click away and enjoy some different music of the season.  Wishing you and yours a holiday season of love and joy.   
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