Saturday, November 16, 2013

May Flights of Angels Sing thee to thy Rest

It's been a tough week.  This past Monday, November 11th we had to do the hardest thing ... make the decision to put down our dear little dog Crash.  I know that instead of feeling sad, I should feel grateful that we had 14 years with him as part of our pack (which includes two 13 year old kitties - Bob & Vivian).  I know we did the best thing for him to release him from his suffering - all his systems were going haywire and it could have been cancer what with a suspicious mass they saw floating around inside.  This Warholian image is a manipulated photo of Crash I took with a Paper Cam app on my phone last year I think.

It's really amazing that I was able to learn anything this past weekend at the encaustic painting workshop at Maine Collage of Art - MECA with Kim Bernard.  She was wonderful and so were the  other artists in our class.  It's not as easy a technique as you would think considering that it's so ancient.  Here's a link to a short history of the medium and what artists are doing today.

Thinking of the Sea

Dreams of Mt Fuji

Living the Life

OBEY Yourself

Memory of Distant Desire
I'm taking them down to my little space at Constellation Gallery this afternoon.  They are small, about 7.75 square.  But will be interesting to see how this work effects my digital work.
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