Friday, November 8, 2013

Giving Thanks

Seems to be the month for it, eh?  I'd like to first thank the universe for leading me to certain emails when I'm rather at a loss for a blog post.  First of all, thanks to Bilhenry Walker for inviting me to show with his other artists at Spectrum Miami this December during Art Basel in South Beach!  I'm both excited and terrified, as this is the first "big" art fair I've ever been involved with.  But it's a chance to have my work seen by more people than up here in Maine.  And a chance to ditch Portland for Miami in December is always nice.

One of the things I need to do in Boston in the near future is that the show of photography by Middle Eastern women that is at the Museum of Fine Arts.  So I stuck out my neck and chose a date and asked a neighbor if she wanted to come with me and contacted my old chum Jonathan to see if he would like to come with us... or at least meet us in the cafe for lunch. So that's all set now for 11/22!

Then a get an email from one of my sistah photogs from the Professional Women Photographers Assn concerning these women who (some may still do) shoot for National Geographic.  Their stories reminded me of when I was the first female voice on KTLK radio in Denver in 1977 doing news from midnight to 6 am as the rock format burned all the news overnight.  The guys were BIG jerks to me.  I ignored them for a few months and then we moved to Milwaukee where the radio stations there were not so misogynist. 

Here's a random photo from this past summer when I went up to Cushing to be in a scene for the Indie film Neptune... I've got one more scene to shoot for it, but havn't heard from the director in a while.  I should email him my away dates for this month and next when I'll be in Miami.  If you are reading this and you have Miami friends... please send them our way - Booth 513 in the big white Miami Spectrum tent in mid-town!

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