Friday, April 19, 2013

Thunderous Applause

That's the term I always used when directing actors at the show's end when we were finished.  I had the opportunity to hear just that this past weekend, thanks to the good folks at Mad Horse Theatre.  Christine Louis Marshall, Mad Horse's Artistic Director, put together a most marvelous cast for the staged reading of The Crucible, part of the "Six Pack of Miller" program that featured readings of Arthur Miller's classics.  I was cast as Tituba, a Barbados slave of the Reverend Parris, who is usually played by a black woman.  But this being Maine, they used me.  My difficult task was to take on a slight Caribbean accent, as I envisioned the character to be a white slave.  The cast got thunderous applause both Saturday night and even a standing O after the Sunday afternoon show.  That is the 2nd time in my life as an actor, that I was part of a cast that received that accolade.  The other time had been playing Margaret in Harmony Codes for Beyond the Proscenium in Sacramento the weekend after 9-11.

In other theatre related news, I'll be directing a 10 minute play by a local playwright in Acorn Theatre's 24 Hour Theatre Project.  At 5 pm on Saturday, the playwrights are given a line of dialogue, a setting, an object which must be used in some way and the number of characters in the play.  The next morning, I meet with my cast and receive my play and we have the day to rehearse before it's seen by audiences that night at 7 pm.  Wheeeeeeeeeeee   I did a similar project with Big Idea Theatre in Sacramento before we moved and it was a kick.

I've just about finished hanging the Cuba show and will post a photo of the installation when I am completely finished.  I'm hosting an artists reception on May 8th and ignoring the 1st Friday to see if people are more likely to come to an event if it's NOT on 1st Friday.

Then the really terrific news came this morning in an email from the Professional Womens Photographers:

Julie Saul selected one of your images for Honorable Mention in PWP's Spring 2013 International Women's Call for Entry. With over 1300 images submitted, having your photograph selected is a wonderful recognition of your talent and skill."
It's an on-line show that will be up for a year and it was Mujer Doble that won me this honor.

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