Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deja Vue All Over Again

Just when I thought I had completely exhausted all I had to say about Cuba and our trip there, without just putting up more photos here, comes an email from the lovely and talented La Hefa (aka Elizabeth Opalenik) who has finished putting together our book about Cuba!  Just about everyone from our little group submitted 6 photos for the book and Elizabeth put them all together for this wonderful book that truly encompasses Cuba from different eyes. 

And yes, I'm still working the photos to have about 20 printed for a new show at my mini-gallery at Constellation and to pick ones that will work for a 20 minute video that I want to present at the Woodfords Club here in Portland. 

We have finished the shooting for the 3 Graces for Environmental Awareness project and now I need to start working with the images.  I'm also considering taking a workshop from one of my favorite artists - Mary Taylor.  

But I suppose my biggest news is a return to the boards!  (I know fellow journalists, I buried the lead.)  I was asked to play a part in The Crucible by Arthur Miller which is part of the Mad Horse Theatre Company's Six Pack of Miller series.  Will be great fun as this is a series of staged readings of the work and I'll get to work with Al D'Andrea from SnowLion Rep!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Post Cuba

Was talking to my friend Phil today and the topic of my recent trip to Cuba came up.  Told him I'd go again in a heartbeat, which I would especially today as it was 28 degrees when I jumped into the car to go to the gym.  Speaking of Cuba, I'm still obsessing over the photos trying to decide which will go into my mini gallery show at Constellation and which will go into the slide show that I'm putting together for the Woodford's Club (waves at Nora).  I'll be underscoring it with music from one of the groups we saw there, an all-women group of musicians who were playing in the courtyard of a building which housed small, artisan shops and a little cafe.

I thought I had some video of these ladies playing, but no!  Which means I will make a little film out of the slide show and underscore it completley with the music of these ladies from their latest CD (which I bought) Amor Cervaza.

When I get the show up at Constellation Gallery, I've decided that I will hang string on the walls and "hang" the photos from the strings like the Cubans do with their laundry!

But the original reason I decided to post today is to tell you that another Travel Blog - Travlr - is carrying my post about getting to Vinales.

In Art World News, let me bring you this flash from Art Fag City.  Had never heard of this group of young artists before, but love what they're doing!  What do you think?