Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updating for Email Subscribers

So sorry dear email subscribers that the photos didn't go through with that last post.  Could have been a Cuban complication thing or the fact that I made them really tiny.  Either way, here are the photos (plus one for you folks that follow on Networked Blogs or via Google...trying to keep it fresh for you):

 Notice the blue hooded phone on the left.  In the US where most people have cell phones, you rarely see public phones which are all over Habana.  It looked like these people were heading over to a bus stop.

 This is the expensive Miramar area where many of the embassies and houses of diplomats and high government officials are located.  Who knows, we might have driven right by Fidel's house!

There seems to be a range of houses in the burbs from Soviet style high rises to more Caribbean style bungalows. 

I liked this shot b/c it shows a kids playground in the foreground.  At least kids in the burbs can play here.  In the city of Habana, we're talking concrete and asphalt play yards.

This was much closer to our hotel and how most 2nd story residents of Habana dry their clothes. 
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