Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking Back

Have I come to any conclusions about Cuba and her people?  The country is at the tipping point of change and I hope that they will be able to forge a new kind of politics in which entrepreneurship holds sway over big-box capitalism and that the socialism that gives everyone a free education and free health care can be supported. 

The photo of the two boys above is called : "Boys: Morros y Christianos".  That is Spanish for Moors and Christians and is the name of one of the national dishes in Cuba consisting of black beans and white rice.  One of the first things I noticed in the country is the easy attitude the people have toward race.  Of course with a tourist, one is on  their best behavior.  I hope that it's not a situation like they had in Yugoslavia.  Tito, the dictator, wasn't liked by many, but he did hold the country together.  Everyone was united under communism.  But when he was ousted, it seemed like the ethnic groups went crazy killing each other.  They wouldn't see their commonalities as humans, but just their differences.  I just don't understand how families can perpetuate hatred.  We're all just human beings on the same planet.

Well you've seen some of my photos illustrating certain events from our trip and there will be a new, fresh set of photos on the Flickr site in the near future.  But what about how the other photographers in our group saw Cuba?  Here's a link to the slide show that was put together our final night in Havana when we all had dinner together.
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