Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 4, Saturday

Every morning of the trip so far, we had a mandatory meeting  at 8:45 am as a sort of check in and to give us details of what /where we were going that day.  Meaning that getting up before 8 was advisable if one was to shower and get some breakfast from the fabulous buffet offered by the hotel that was included in our room charge, like many European hotels.  I really should have taken some photos  of it, but I was so sleepy the thought never occurred to me. 

Today our travels would take us walking again through the streets of Habana Vieja (which the UN designated as a World Historic Site a few years back) past people in the street doing their Saturday thing.  As noisey, er, I mean inquesitive photographers looking for images of life, we poked our heads into many a doorway, including this one

Very bummed that we never got back to this gallery.  We were on our way to Plaza Vieja, which is in in the process of being repaired.  The square itself dates back to 1559 as an open space.  The buildings there date from the 1700s to the 20th Century.

 You'll notice that some of the kids are wearing the same color pants/skirts.  These are school uniforms which all the kids wear.  Each color denotes either elementary or junior high or high school.  I forgot to ask why they would be wearing uniforms on a Saturday.  In the far left of the photo, you'll see some people gathered.  They were there for some kind of performance, which being a short person, I never got a chance to see. 

But we had no time to lose as we needed to hurry over to the Malacon to catch a ferry ride to Regla, across the Bay from Vieja Habana, where an important Santeria church, Our Lady of Regla was located.

It's a walk from the quay to the area surrounding the church and there's a small malacon area where we saw a few folks making offerings to their patroness saint and protector of seamen.
The church itself was quite crowded and it looked like the mass was just about winding up, although in a small alcove, I spied this special Black Madonna.
For more information, please click this link.  After this we had lunch and then just 20 min before we gathered for the afternoon session and got to see a performance of folkloric dance, including rhumba!
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