Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 1 in Cuba

Day one - Airport to Havana

A bus had been rented for us for the approximate 30 min drive from the airport to the upscale Miramar area outside of the central city and old city area where the Parque Central Hotel was located.  Some of the  grand homes were kept up, others not so much.   In the days prior to Jose Marti winning freedom from the Spanish overlords, wealthy lived there.    We stopped at  a lovely restuarant for our first Cuban lunch of grilled chicken, white rice, black beans and salad, plus a mojito.  Then it was back on the bus through semi-rural areas and the outskirts of the city

Unless you're a big wig government official and have special privileges, this is your clothes dryer.

Our hotel was a Spanish one called the Parque Central adjacent to the country's capital building which looks very similar to the US Capital.
Here's the view from our hotel window

I won't be able to post anymore photos to Flickr while here, internet access is just too flakey, even in the big Euro hotels like ours.  Photos are VERY low resolution, but it's the only way to get them on the blog.  Better photos will appear in Flickr.

it's Day 5 now... and tomorrow we have to leave at 7 am (yeah, you know how I love the early am) for a trip out to the countryside.  Have not had enough time to both write and take/process photos which is very frustrating, but just the way it is.  My suspicions were dead on about my not liking group travel.  This might be the last group trip I ever take.  Until then, adios amiga/os.
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