Monday, February 11, 2013

But Wait, There's More....

Our second day wasn't finished yet.  It also included a visit to the studio of Nelson Ramírez de Arellano Conde, who is the director of Fototeca de Cuba.  His work reminds me a bit of my work (in that he does mix imagery in a collage type style, but he's a better photographer) and he even had some pieces in light boxes of home made construction.

The it was back to the hotel via the Floridita Bar, said to be where Hemingway hung out and drank daiquiris.
Here is our Cuban photographer Nestor Marti, Elizabeth Opalenik and Ernie.  They did a pretty good acting job looking like they had numerous cocktails! But we didn't stay because there was dinner to be had on our own and then a slide lecture by Enrique de la Uz at Fototeca later that evening.

But something really interesting happened as the group was entering the bar, a hear a woman saying, "We are not free, we are not free!"  I look around and spot her moving slowly away from us repeating the statement.  Since I had a better understanding of what it was like to be a regular Cuban once I began to read Yoani Sanchez's blog, I replied "I know sister, I know".

We had a quick bite at the hotel and got ready to go to Fototeca in a huge herd of pedi-cabs like this one

 Wish my photos of that excursion had turned out, as some of the pedicab drivers were racing each other over the very uneven streets of old Habana.  This photo was taken outside of our hotel, which was located in the central square of Habana Vieja, very close to the Capitolio, which is almost a replica of our Capitol in DC.  After the revolution of 59, it now houses a science museum but the building was close due to construction as so many places in old Havana are it seemed.

It was woinderful to have Enrique show his most famous series of black and white work - the harvesting and refining of sugar cane.  He's one of Cuba's most respected photographers and is now said to be discovering the worlds of digital and color.  As he said at his lecture, "I'm not an old dog".
 So that was our first full day in Habana.  We walked all over the city and back and my feet were killing me.  That is even after a couple of beers with lunch.  But there was more to do and see the next day, Friday.

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