Monday, February 18, 2013

And on Sunday, She Rested

It was supposed to be our only day off, so I was going to take advantage of that and finally sleep in!  Which I did until about 9:30 in the morning.  It was also the day I had planned to check out the National Museum of Cuban Art, which was only two blocks from our hotel.  There was also another National Art Museum whose collections include work from around the world, but I was interested in discovering Cuban artists. 

Detail of sculpture outside the International Art Museum.

The other museum is much newer having been recently remodeled by architect Jose Linares in 2009.
There is a large courtyard as you enter, and sculpture like this surrounding the open space.  Here is another piece of sculpture composed of those little metal espresso makers.
It's a massive place and I could have spent many hours there, but I thought when JK had left the hotel room in the morning, that we had agree to meet for lunch back at the hotel at 1 pm, so I only focused on an exhibit by modern Cuban artists of work from the 1980s.
I had just taken this shot of a wall mounted assemblage by Flavio Garciandia, when I was approached by one of the museum guards and told not to take photos of the work, but I could take photos of the ID cards.  Some of the artists whose work intrigued me included Leandro Soto, Jose Bedia, Ricardo Rodriguez Brey, Sandra Ramos Lorenzo and Consuelo Castaneda. 

What's disappointing to me is the lack of women artists in the museum.  One would think that since the country was communist, there would be more equal footing for the artistas.  No, it's still the same sexist bullshit as we see in museums in the US and Europe.  Guess it only shows that it doesn't matter what type of government you have, sexism is still endemic.   

This is the mural that I saw as I was leaving the building and then I spotted this public sculpture clinging to the side of the building.
Directly across the street, there was this odd, sort of outdoor museum of old planes.
Which turned out to be old US military equipment from the failed Bay of Pigs landing in front of the Museum of the Revolution.  But I thought I had a lunch date so went back to the hotel and waited around for 30 minutes and when JK didn't show up, Jude and I went to a nearby hotel.  Apparently JK had gone out on a morning shoot and then Nestor took him over to the Necropolis Cristóbal Colón.  I can't wait to see his photos from that jaunt.  

Later that evening, we slipped away from the rest of the group to have a little dinner on our own down in Cathedral Square.   Dinner wasn't that good there, but we were able to feed one of the little street dogs that haunt Havana streets.  More about that later.

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