Monday, January 28, 2013

Flying and Day 1 Miami

That's us on the plane to Miami yesterday.  It was a great flight and I was able to capture this view as we left LaGuardia.
Once we navigated the airport to find where the hotel shuttles pick you up, we did what many folks probably do when they first hit Miami ...
That's right, get a Mojito!  We had an only OK dinner at the Marriott near the airport but we were too tired to try to navigate from here into town.  We're staying out here as this is the place we'll meet up with the group leaders for our trip to Cuba on Tuesday night.  And we got a terrific group rate.  Coming back we're staying for one night in South Beach, before winging our way northward.

We did pick up some tourista brochures and found that Miami has a pretty decent mass transit system that goes out to the airport and then two different lines that go either east-west or north-south.  So today we took the hotel shuttle back out to the airport and jumped on the train and made our way into town for a GREAT BBQ lunch at Sparky's near the Cultural Center and then a walk along Bay Front Park and for dessert... a much  better Mojito at the Conga Bar.

I've got more photos that I took today, but I'm posting them to Flickr and you can see them by clicking HERE.  We're really looking forward to tonite as Jude will be here and we're having dinner with old friend David Cole and his partner!
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