Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sorry Zeva

Three out of 30, not a bad average for being in a photo a day challenge!  Well, not bad for me as it's the first one I think I had ever done.  And when you add the art projects I had going, along with the PR consulting, along with having two sets of company come visiting and overlapping... well you get the idea.  But the other day as I was driving the short 2 mile distance to drop off art for the new show at Constellation Gallery, I saw this:

but what I was going to blog about today is from another blog that is geared strictly to photographers.  Many commercial photographers send out direct mail to agencies they would like to work for.  But now, with social media rising, that may or may not be the best way to go about promoting yourself.  This probably holds true for artists as well.  I remember reading something a few years ago about way to approach a gallery and one thing they said was NOT to keep sending them postcards of your work. 

What do you say my friends?  Traditional promotional tools of direct mail or sending folks email with links?
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