Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just One More Reason to Love Portland

This afternoon, we had ourselves one, fine cultured time!  Ya'll know what a big modern dance fan I am (after being a dancer/choreographer in my salad days) and I wanted to see the newest piece of work from a company I'm not familiar with - Bridgeman|Packer Dance.  Saturdays are generally just another working day for me and the hubby, but I wanted to catch the first performance of the day at 2 pm.  We decided to have lunch out and then see the show.  Had a great salmon Cesar at the DogFish Bar & Grill over on Free St, while JK scarfed down some very good bison chili.  We popped in over at Space gallery to see their special show of Alison Pebworth's work in Beautiful Possibility.  WOW... it was a great show and if you get a chance to see it where you live (she is traveling with it), run to see it.  Here's a couple of examples

It's a brilliant show and then it was off to the dance concert over at Maine College of Art or MECA as it's called.  The audience was allowed to explore the set if we took off our shoes so we wouldn't mar the dance floor surface.  Which I did and got this shot
I don't think I have ever see such fine integration of video into performance.  They also used live video in the performance which made for an amazing show.  I was sitting next to an older woman (maybe late 70s?) who had never seen the group before either.  I had a feeling that she would have been more comfortable at a ballet performance, but gave her kudos for being adventurous.  If you have the chance to catch a performance by this duo, by all means do it.  You won't be disappointed as long as you don't need a strong narrative line to hold your attention.
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