Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Video

Tracy A 1 from Ann Tracy on Vimeo.

Just finished this video and sent it off to a competition at the Center for Contemporary Art in Sacramento.  It started out with a vastly different theme that what it is now.  I've made this in much the same way that I create many of my digital collages and paintings.  I keep putting things together until it seems right. 

I would describe this as a meditative collage dealing with women and our hormonal issues.  It began to change when I saw those old (public domain) videos about sex and family matters, then music began to suggest itself as did certain imagery.

And to make today a wonderful day, I just sold this piece at my Fine Art America sales site!  Now, off to a meeting with some neighborhood artists.  I hope that I can talk them into trying to get together a studio tour for this end of town.
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