Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Fun

My dear friend Kate came out to visit on the 1st of July and was able to stay until the 9th.  If you're interested in seeing where we went and what we did,  check out the Flickr site.  I'm back to posting on Flickr again, as the timelines have gotten so screwy in Facebook of late.  Kate and I have been friends since 1983 when we first has offices in the scary scenic Gilroy Hotel.  She worked for an assembly member and I was the news and public affairs director for KWSS radio.  We took one of those sightseeing trollys in Boston (Old Town Trolly Tours) and it was miserable.  First they lied to use when they sold us tickets (saying the trolly went to the Museum of Fine Arts, but it doesn't); then most of the drivers are yelling into their microphones, making bad jokes and giving historically inaccurate information.   They say they will give you a refund if you're not satisfied, so we'll see about that!

Enough kvetching for one post!  The really exciting news I have for you is that I now have my own little "mini-gallery" inside Constellation Gallery in Portland!  I only pulled 8 pieces out to put up there for now, as JK & I are going to Rockport tomorrow for a little anniversary trip, but here are some photos...

There are some new artists who have similar spaces now at Constellation and I will go to Facebook to post those photos.  But if you're a local, do pop by some day when I'm gallery sitting and I'll show you around!
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