Saturday, July 7, 2012

Midsummer Madness

It's not even halfway through July and from the weather maps it looks like 90% of the country is burning up.  It's much warmer than usual up here in the Northeast as well.

But seriously, folks, the heat may be frying my brain as I've decided to beef up my writing muscles by participating in 31 Play - 31 Days.  I'll need to write at least a one-page-play every day.  What I like about this is that not all the plays need to be good - some can be bad, which takes the pressure off, which in turn frees the mind.  It would be great if I could string a few of these into a 10 min format or longer.  I'm going to post them here on the blog as well.  So expect to see some silly stuff along with serious content.
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